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    Irish Mountaineering Academy Safety Policy: The Client Partnership

    All courses with Irish Mountaineering Academy are planned and supervised in a way designed to manage the risk of accident to both clients and instructor, while at the same time providing realistic, practical and beneficial training.

    Outdoor activities, by their nature, contain a degree of hazard and risk and despite the greatest care accidents may still occur.

    All clients should be aware that involvement places them at risk of accident and potential injury, possibly serious or even fatal. Under normal circumstances, unless otherwise informed, it is assumed that clients having enrolled on the course of their choice, are aware of and accept the inherent risk associated with the activity.

    Irish Mountaineering Academy are responsible for the safety of the clients during periods of the course. In order to manage the risk, all clients are requested to draw to the attention of the instructor if they are unhappy or feel the activity is beyond their ability. No client, irrespective of circumstance, is required to undertake any aspect of the course and may withdraw from the course at any time.

    On rare occasions due to conditions it may be decided that to pursue training on the hill is inappropriate. However every effort will be made to provide relevant training in line with the broad aims of the activity.

    During the training provided, Irish Mountaineering Academy will use reasonable endeavours to evaluate individual clients’ ability and in the unusual event that the clients’ ability is deemed unsuitable for the training taking place, the client will be advised accordingly, and where possible alternative training more suited to their needs may be offered.

    In order to facilitate safe practice, would all clients please note that in all circumstances the instructions provided by Irish Mountaineering Academy should be followed.

    All clients on Irish Mountaineering Academy courses are required to declare if they have a medical condition or if they are using any medication.
    All clients should be physically fit and wearing appropriate attire for the course they have chosen.

    Please be aware a 7 working day cancellation policy applies to all bookings. Cancellations made within less than 7 working days: No refund.

    Please sign or print below to confirm that you and all members in your group have read and understood the above and any declarations are correct.